Innumerable reasons are guarding one’s need for van hire in Thetford or any place across the UK. It can be taking your friends or kids to an event. It can be moving from one house to another.  It can also be the requirement to haul the junks after sorting out your garden or revamping your home or office. So, there is no end to the list. Now, the question that arises whether you are permitted to drive that van yourself or not.  Having a British driving license is not an appropriate credential, always letting you drive a minivan.


Exploring the Various Licence Required for Hiring a Van in the UK

Small Van:

If the van you want to hire weighs less than 3.,5 tons then an EC style licence or a standard UK driving licence will be sufficient for you to drive it. There are no other credentials needed for that. Still, the rental company has the authority to refuse you the rental in case you fail to display both your photograph and hard copy of the driving licence at the time of getting the van on hire.

Apart from that, the rental company can even ask for your current utility bill or credit card as an address and identity proof and also to understand your financial abilities. The utility bill has your address, and the credit card ensures that extra deposit can be charged on you if required. In case you are found driving without the necessary licence, then there can be severe repercussions.


A van with nine or more passengers’ seat can be hired and driven if you have a category D driving licence. If the passenger’s seats range from 9 to 16, then a D1 consent is required. These requirements can be met by showing a Group A licence with new licences under the category B, D, or D1 on the EC licence. The group A licences are the old-style ones held by the ones who have cleared the driving test before 1997. This licence makes you eligible to drive vans falling under category B having up to 8 passengers’ seats. If you want to drive a bigger van, then you need to clear the driving test for vehicles under D and D1 category.  The licence has to be a renewed one. If you do not have the certification, then your licence won’t be considered valid for the vehicle category you are opting for.

Mid-size Van:

If you are one among those who have cleared the driving test for category vans after January 1997 then you can drive minibuses in specific situations on meeting some conditions. The trailer should weigh less than 4.25 tons in case it bears special equipment for passengers with a disability.

Vans with Trailers:

There are a few specific norms for driving vans with trailers. You need to pass the driving test for vehicles with trailers attached, and it falls in licence endorsement under category E.

There are several other rules and regulations related to driving for commercial purposes. If you are operating as a volunteer, or for personal or social purposes, then your expenditure for rentals and fuels might get reimbursed. To avail that you must possess the driving licence for at least two years.

Additional Considerations for Rental Vehicles

  • Verify the documents like rental agreement before signing.
  • Check if the mileage of the vehicle has been rightly mentioned in the paperwork or not.
  • Get the information whom to contact in case any accident takes place.
  • Document the time to return the vehicle to escape the late fees.
  • Know the dimension of the van.
  • After returning the vehicle, check the credit card statement to see if there has been any discrepancy like extra charges have been

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