There has recently been an increase in the number of tourists willing to rent a van rather than driving their car during vacations. Everyone undertaking a trip to Kings Lynn wants to focus on the scenic beauty of the place rather than their driving. Though there are numerous places to visit in this beautiful town, you might end up putting hundreds or thousands of miles on your personal vehicle. The best alternative is to get in touch with a reputed company offering vans on hire. They have local drivers who can help you plan the best one-day-trip in Kings Lynn.

Van Hire In Kings Lynn

Few Places You Can Visit By Hiring A Van In Kings Lynn

  • True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum

It is a very renowned museum with historical importance as it portrays the story of the North End fishing quarter of King’s Lynn. It is situated in the northern part of Kings Lynn. A unique feature of this museum is that it is run by volunteers. The informal series of exhibition areas can impress tourists. Though being small, the museum is very interesting. It is a reflection of local facts and personal memories. There is also a tea-room nearby where you can sip on a cup of hot tea.

  • Custom House

The Custom House is considered to be an iconic landmark in the beautiful town of Kings Lynn. It was designed by the famous architect Henry Bell. The first Custom House was built in 1620. It was a bit small and was soon replaced with the new Custom House. Earlier, Customs occupied the top floor of the building but now occupies the entire building. There is also a Tourist Information Office in the building.

  • Castle Rising

Visit any renowned company offering van hire in Kings Lynn and they will definitely advise you to include Castle Rising in your trip itinerary. It is more popular for its hunting facilities instead of military defences. In fact, it is one of the largest, well preserved and lavishly decorated keeps in England.

  • Houghton Hall

The Houghton Hall was built for Sir Robert Walpole (Britain’s First Prime Minister). It is a beautiful reflection of the Palladian architecture in England. The interiors were designed by William Kent. The listed building is surrounded by almost 1000 acres of Parkland. You will also find an inspiring collection of contemporary sculpture by renowned artists like Richard Long, Jeppe Hein, Anya Gallaccio, Rachel Whiteread, Phillip King and Stephen Cox, among others.

Since there are so many places of tourist interest in Kings Lynn, it’s time you prepare your trip itinerary and hire a van.