Planning to travel abroad for business or leisure purposes? Renting a van can be the best alternative to relying on public transportation. Travelling by a rental vehicle means freedom from rail and bus time-tables. It even gives you the great opportunity to do everything on your own. You can take a detour when your mood strikes and reach places which you would only dream about!

Van Hire St Neots

However, renting a vehicle in a foreign country often comes with its own set of difficult challenges. Be it the road rules or the necessity of vehicle insurance, these vary widely from one country to another. Having a prior knowledge of these vital considerations can thus help you to stay safe during your road trip abroad.

Here are a few travel tips you must keep in mind while travelling abroad with van hire in St Neots!

Van Hire In Boston: 5 Useful Travel Tips You Must Follow While Travelling Abroad


  1. Check Your Insurance Coverage Well In Advance

Instead of leaving a decision on your insurance coverage at the rental desk, consider checking your insurance coverage in advance. This is because most vehicle insurers do not cover travellers while driving abroad. In several cases, the credit card you use for booking your vehicle, may offer ample coverage. Consider getting this policy in writing and keep this with you throughout your tour.

  1. Book Early

There are a few things which you should book in advance so that it gives you peace of mind. Consider booking your van hire in Boston well in advance (almost immediately after you plan your trip), accommodation for a day or two so that you remain free worry from finding a suitable place to sleep after a hectic day. This way, you can plan your trip more efficiently at cheaper prices.

  1. Know The Rules Of The Road

Speed limits, stop signs, staying alert for pedestrians- these are some basic rules we all are used to doing while driving and these remain consistent across continents. However, there are some other rules which are specific to certain countries. Doing a prior research on the driving culture of the country you are planning to visit, can be the ideal way to ensure that you stay safe throughout the trip.

  1. Consider Getting An International Driving Permit

These days, it is quite uncommon to be asked for an International Driving Permit than what it used to be earlier. Nevertheless, it is always wise to check with a reputed rental agency offering van hire in Huntingdon before leaving your country to know about the essential documents. If needed, apply for an International Driving Permit as early as you can.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Limits

The permitted alcohol concentration levels vary from one country to another. For instance, even in the European Union, no single rule exists for drivers. Thus, before embarking on a cocktail party or a wine tour with your friends in a foreign land, it is always wise to know the limits permitted at your destination.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly book your rental van and start planning the road trip you have always dreamt about!