Hiring cars and vans for business is becoming increasingly popular among companies in order to fleet expansion while ensuring that the team is always prepared to move. Van Hire Spalding comes even handier for businesses that require vehicles on a short notice and for a short time span. Some businesses however, don’t rely on such cars, rather they rely on their personal cars for business use. If you too belong to this group, this is the right time that you go through the following tips and get an idea of how business van hire can help you with your business transportation.

Van Hire Spalding

Fixed Reasonable Monthly Payments for Having Better Control over Cash

One of the greatest advantages of business vehicle hire is that you can have better control over your monthly expenses. As you know, cash flow is the top priority for any organisation if you can successfully budget, you won’t have to worry about any unpredictable expenses through the tenure of the rental.

Less Costs Towards Maintenance and Administration

For many organisations, the load of extra administration is the key concern, especially when it comes to introducing a new car or implementation of a new fleet policy. But with the right business car hire, such a situation doesn’t arise, the vehicle supplier is likely to take care of all the paperwork for you. If you have accepted a contract including maintenance, then these costs are also covered. The savings you can grab through not requiring repairing and maintaining the vehicles can be used for other core business purposes or set away for further expansion of the business.

Offsetting Rental

If you own a limited company, you can offset the monthly rental cost of the business van hire against end of the corporation tax. On the other hand, being a sole trader or a owning a partnership business, you can offset rental against annual tax with Van Hire Spalding.

The amount you can afford to offset depends on respective government guidelines that usually consider how much CO2 the car produces. If your car emits over 160gm/km of CO2, you can claim 85% back. However if the car emits fewer, you can claim 100% back making greener cars a popular choice for the businesses, irrespective of sizes.

Easy Vehicle Options and Flexible Contract Conditions

When it comes to business van hire, you can choose a car that is ideal for your needs. Regardless of whether you require a huge van for a corporate event or need a specialty refrigeration unit for your catering business, you can find a number of options available. Besides, business car hire comes with flexible, short-term leases. It ensures that you are able to use the car as little as a day or a week without worrying about storing the car on site after the work is done.

Testing Cars Prior to Making a Decision

If you are planning to expand the business fleet, business van hire is a great way to test the cars out before making a decision.