Do you entrust commercial vehicles for the day-to-day operations of your business? Thinking of adding brand new vehicle s for your fleet? Opting for commercial van hire in Thetford can be your most informed business decision. Rental vans are the perfect option for every fleet operator. Wondering what makes van hire so beneficial? Keep reading.

For thousands of fleet operators in the UK who rely on commercial vehicles to get their daily jobs done, van hire is the top choice. While some are attracted by the many tax benefits on offer, many choose rental vans for organisational flexibility. What makes van hire more appealing to numerous fleet operators is that they help in minimising off-road time and maintenance costs.

Van Hire in Thetford

Still not convinced? Listed below are a few reasons van hire is perfect for you.

5 Major Reasons Van Hire In Thetford Is Ideal For Fleet Operators

  • Ability To Access A Wide Range Of Vehicles

One of the key benefits of hiring a van rental company is that it provides you access to a wide selection of vehicles. With van rental, you can select whatever you need since it ensures better accessibility to an extensive range of vehicles. Renowned vehicle rental companies offer the widest range of commercial vehicles and provide the latest models.

  • Eliminates Maintenance Costs

No matter how good or reliable your vehicles are, they need maintenance and repairs regularly as they are out on the road every day. Not only can this be very expensive, but also drain your resources and time. However, when you choose van rentals, maintenance and servicing costs will be included in the rental prices. Reliable companies provide breakdown cover at no extra cost. This means that minimal off-road time for the drivers even if a problem arises with your vehicle.

  • Enjoy Great Flexibility

 Once you have you purchased several vehicles for commercial purposes, there’s not a lot which can be done when unforeseen circumstances arise or the demands of your business change suddenly. On the contrary, opting for reliable van hire in Thetford provides the flexibility which you need for responding quickly in such kind of situations. With vehicle rentals, you will be able to enjoy flexibility when your business increases or decreases briefly.

  • Avoid Depreciation Of Assets

Another major reason why you should choose van rentals is that you can escape asset depreciation. Not only does car rental save the capital, but it also allows businesses to ensure depreciating assets like vehicles are kept off the balance sheet. When you hire commercial vehicles, you are no longer needed to allocate considerable funds to your fleet before seeing your vehicles depreciating.

  • Unlocks Tax Benefits

The great fiscal benefits of vehicle rentals go much further than removing depreciating assets from the balance sheet. Vehicle rentals provide tax relief since the cost of the lease payments can be deducted from your taxable income every year. If the rented vehicles are exclusively used for business purposes only, you can even claim back the complete VAT.

Time to make the most of van hire!